Developing Lifecycles: A Comprehensive Cheatsheet

Developing lifecycles can be a challenging yet essential aspect of successful production deployment. Thorough planning, management, and stakeholder collaboration yield smooth project progress and minimize issues. »

Little's Law Applied to DevOps

Little's Law is an equation that states: Lead Time equals Work in Progress divided by throughput. The equation suggests that if you increase the throughput or »

Service-Based Business Pricing Strategies

A successful service-based business often relies on diversified pricing strategies to meet the needs of various clients and projects. While hourly billing remains a common choice, »

Spreading Democracy with Stuxnet

In 2007, I had the privilege of spreading democracy by participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was a corporal that was lucky enough to get pulled »


A History of Cyber Attacks

In recent years, cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and targeted. From malware to ransomware to cyber espionage campaigns, a wide variety of malicious actors have »


WordPress DevOps

No matter what industry your business is in, creating and maintaining an effective and easily discoverable online presence is becoming increasingly more important if you want »

About Me

I'm Andy Potanin, a seasoned business leader, entrepreneur, and military veteran with a diverse and extensive background in technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship. My journey is characterized »


Leading By Example

My relationship with engineering is long and peculiar. As most technical founder-CEOs there comes a time when you have to force yourself to distance yourself from »

Mounting Express Middleware

When mounting Express middleware, the middleware being mounted may need to have some awareness of the parent Express application. So, let's say we are mounting our »