Quick Ghost Installation with Express

You will most likely need to have a persistent database and its good to have the credentials ready beforehand. So, some standard commands to create a MySQL database:

create database `www.site.com`;
GRANT USAGE on `www.site.com`.* to `ghost`@`%` IDENTIFIED BY "mypassword";
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on `www.site.com`.* to `ghost`@`%`;

Test database connection:

mysql -h dbhost.com --port=3306 -u ghost --password=mypassword

Create Your Node Service

Create new repository and run the following:

npm init  
npm install --save ghost express  

Add NodeJS Server

Add something to it to invoke Ghost from server.js file:

var ghost = require('ghost'),  
  express = require('express'),
  parentApp = express();

var options = {  
  config: require( 'path' ).join(__dirname, 'config.js')      

ghost( options ).then(function (ghostServer) {  
  parentApp.use(ghostServer.config.paths.subdir, ghostServer.rootApp);

parentApp.on('mount', function() {  
  console.log( 'mounted' );

Run Server

Ghost will install DB on first run. To start server add something to package.json like this:

PORT=8080 NODE_ENV=production node server.js

And then run npm start.

Adding A Theme

Still figuring this one out..